• You will learn an orderly and structured training method that will improve your game

    You will get access to content that has been proving itself for over 3 years, the content is written and filmed

  • You'll always have access to the content so you can always come back and watch again

    The material you receive in the library is the highest quality lessons with the latest materials

  • You will be saving time since your training program will be clear and efficent

    You will have an easier time mantaining your training schedule because you will be handed a training regime

Does this sound familiar?

  • You're at a plateau and you can't move forward
  • Your are bored and thinking of quitting
  • You feel as if capoeira is complex and you don't have a home training plan
  • You just want to update your knowledge
  • You have no idea where to begin training capoeira at home

I also did not know how to arrange all the exercises and the different drills into a plan that brings me satisfaction. 

I wanted to improve, enjoy and notice my progression.

I always had the goal of playing capoeira at the highest level and when I could not, it was very frustrating.

If you're ready to take matters into your own hands

The capoeira angola library is for you!

i want to start !

The capoeira angola includes

The library is divided into 3 basic building blocks for better capoeira angola understanding. For each block, I filmed a set amount of content that you can implement in your training starting today. The library contains more than 30 different techniques!

You can choose whether you want to watch the content in order or simply what interests you the most.

What is the investment?

Pepole who have already purchased the capoeira angola library say that this is the biggest gift they could have given themselves. For the first time, they stopped waiting for a miracle to happen and finally broke the barrier of procrastination.  They took their capoeira game to the next level and experienced a drastic change, for the better. 

The investment in the library is negligible compared to the results.  The important question is not what is the investment in the capoeira library? but what is the price you are already paying today - not progressing in your game, lack of critical and the most updated information and the uncertainty of your future improvement. 

There is no price value for the possibility to elevate your self-confidence with a training program. Using this platform, you have the opportunity to save a significant amount of money and time, since it allows me to teach the knowledge and tools to people all over the world, making it much more affordable - only 87$

Watch Intro Video

helped me stimulate and refresh the way i think about capoeira

Watch Intro Video

"dosent matter of you are a biggner an intermidate "

Watch Intro Video

I especially like the added bonus content

Some of what people who already purchased had to say

“I wanted to purchase the library because i was highly impressed from the kids capoeira library and i knew mandingeiro's contents were good. In adiition, I extremely love capoeira angola and have been teaching it for quite a long time threrfore i wanted to improve my teaching methods. The best thing about the capoeira angola library is that it helps me organize my lessons, by dividing everything into different levels and steps. Each video provided me with the next lesson i wanted to give to my students without taking away my own creativity and understanding as a teacher and as a capoeirista. Mandingeiro's videos helped me stimulate and refresh the way i think about capoeira and the way i teach it. The best thing about the library is the way the lessons are organized, step by step. Also, the amount of classic next to the more complex movements all in one place is a real gift. I think this library can be of great help to anyone who wishes to be a better more organized teacher.”

Uriel LabbanUriel Labban

“I started practice capoeira 3 years ago - following my son... I decided to purchase the capoeira angola library since I train a lot with no professional guidance - alone or with my friends - and the library helps me organize my training and provides me with techniques and learning methods. the best thing about the library is that the library divides the capoeira movements to 3 'levels' which makes sense and helps mo choose what practice is best suitable for me. I think the library can help young instructors and/or people that are enthusiastic with the capoeira world and want to take their game to the next level by training outside the 'regular' practice hours with the group they usually train with - I think the library is a great and effective tool to help you achieve these goals.”

Ohad, 37Ohad, 37

“I found that the capoeira angola library was a very useful resource for me. To learn more about capoeira angola The video presented have a good quality in the information helps you understand better about capoeira Angola game It helps you to build a nice foundation for your game I especially like the added bonus content and the tire musical variation for the berimbau And so i only can reccommend capoeira angola library for evrybody who wants learn more about capoeira angola ”

christian, 37christian, 37

“Hey there everyone!!! Got some mind blowing news here 😁 This is a great oportunity for you to dive deeper into the capoeira angola world. Tom Mandingueiro Polonsky - Capoeira Life has created an amazing tool with quality information and knowledge gathered over the years from great masters of the art, and refined to be simple and understandable from anyone. It is a product of hard work, research and years of training. The Capoeira Angola Library contains videos and written exercises that you can practice at home, that will help you get the full understanding of the Angola game, You will learn a simple and clear training method for each level, To get you the results quickly and with great fun. This great tool is still in development ”


“I got acquainted with Capoeira about 20 years ago on the beach in Brasil, and I fell in love with it immediately. I have practiced capoeira for about 10 years and quit, I just recently started training again so I am very rusty but very enthusiastic. I think the capoeira library is a great product because it meets my needs as a full-time mom with very little free time on my hands. I can practice at home on my own terms at my own pace I can replay moves over and over again until I get them completely and I think it's an amazing source of knowledge. I think that having a library with all the basic moves that I need in order to be able to control my game is an amazing idea. I believe the capoeira library is great for everyone who practices capoeira because it has a variety of options to practice you can either play some music learn lyrics or practice the moves, I am sure that it will fit anyone who likes capoeira”

Anat, 37Anat, 37

If you are willing to get yourself the best capoeira angola material

The capoeira angola library is for you

click here to start

100% satisfaction guaranteed with full warranty

(Please read carefully)

capoeiristas are already implementing what they learned, in their own training, testifying to the tremendous contribution they have made from their choice to purchase the library. I am sure that this will be the case for you too. And yet, if 48 hours after purchasing the library it does not match your expectations, or you will feel that it is not for you for any reason, you will get fully refunded Yes, exactly what you just read - a full refund, I'm so sure of the library and the drastic change it will make to your games and therefore the risk is on me and not you. You are only required to allow yourself the opportunity.
100% satisfaction guaranteed with full warranty

bonus #1

a stock of my best capoeira angola games
bonus #1

Bonus #2

A stock of berimbau playing classes
Bonus #2

Bonus #3

a stock of capoeira angola ladinhas
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bonus #4

CapoeiraLife fb group where you can find live online classes with mandingeuiro
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  • I've been training for many years now, is the capoeira angola library for me?

    My agenda is that we should always be developing and learning and there is no such thing as knowing everything. I myself acquire information on the Internet too, take workshops, courses and continuing my self-education. To be the best Capoeira player I can, learn more and improve my communication. I'm sure that even if you have a lot of experience, the structure, the amount of content and the accessibility you receive will not be like anything you've ever experienced before. I have no doubt that you will achieve your personal goals.

  • Im a begginer should I still get the capoeira angola library?

    Certainly! I built the library in such a way that it would suit every skill level. If you have the desire to get the most out of yourself, and be the best capoeirsta you can. To feel satisfaction in your game - Yes! You can expect to reach these results with the capoeira angola library.

  • I do not have much free time, how long will it take me to watch everything?

    You don't have to be able to watch everything in one day ... nor a month. You will have unlimited access to the library. The application of the material will lead to an understanding of how important it is to watch more of the content. I recommend you watch one video every day (~3 min) for the simple reason that you need time to "digest" what you have watched. A theory without applying it in the field, isn't worth much. having the content backed up with ten years of trials and experience, youll be able to cut the learning curve. and be filled with inspiration

If you are willing to invest in yourself as a capoeirsta

The capoeira angola library is for you

let's start

Hi, I'm Tom Polonsky.

The head of the Israeli Center for Capoeira in Even Yehuda and Emek Hefer. I have been practicing capoeira, fitness, and movement for more than 17 years.

Teaching and coaching people is something I do with a lot of joy and love.

I am looking to help as many people as possible to live in rhythm, movement, and joy of life.  I recently realized that teaching Capoeira online would be the perfect way to serve this purpose.

I would be very happy to help you with your own capoeira journey.

I have decide i want the library

You read all this and still have any questions,

contact me on WhatsApp +972502682644

Tom Mandingueiro Polonsky